Board of Directors

SAFEE’s amazing Founding Board of Directors consists of:

Mitchell Moffitt                         Chief Executive Officer   President                                              

Krong"Pong" Nachiengtung    Vice President                 Thai Operations

Dr. Dawn Roller                       Vice President                 International Operations

Jo Whipp                                 Vice President                 US Development


Dr. David Fletcher                   Chief Medical Officer      Int. Medical, Mental, and Dental Health

FNP Natasha Osborne            Director                           Child Health Services

Kate Noor                                Director                           Int. Education and Training

Kaylee McClure                       Director                           Research and Development


Summer Headrick                   Chief Financial Officer    Treasurer

Krystal Christopher                 Director                           Financial Awareness

Lauri Wright                             Director                          Capital Campaigns

Kris Schneider                         Director                          Awareness

Rachel McClure                       Director                          Youth Advocacy

Kayley RisenHuber                  Director                          Executive Assistant

Verlinda Saunders                   Director                          Cyber Security


The entire Board of Directors would like to thank SAFEE’s Donors, Volunteers, Organizations, Partners, Employees, Interns and Fellows.  Without each one of them we could not provide our outstanding services and bring success to so many.

You are making this happen…


We applaud you and look forward to many years ahead providing Human Trafficking Survivors with complete unique and holistic ways to become the great successes that lie within their souls. Thank you for allowing SAFEE to release the bird of peace and tranquility that exists inside each Survivor.